The heart of Greece

Destination | The heart of Greece

According to Greek mythology, Zeus, the king of the gods in ancient Greece, released two eagles into the sky. Where their paths would cross over would be the center of the world. The eagles' paths crossed over Delphi. Since then, Delphi has been marked as the "Omphalos" (navel) not only of ancient Greece, but also of the entire world.

Geographically, the Municipality of Delphi is located in the center of mainland Greece, in the Central Greece Region. It is literally located in the heart of Greece.

The Delphic land is situated at the meeting point of two key components that make up Greece. Between the high mountaintops (of Mt. Parnassos, Mt. Giona, Mt. Vardousia, and Mt. Oiti) and the 100km laced coastline of the Corinthian Gulf.

Nature's magical mosaic continuously alternates to give you yet another reason to discover this land at every turn.

Here you will find the famous Archeological site of Delphi, which UNESCO characterized as a "World Heritage Monument". The impressive Delphic Landscape, where the silver-gray, perennial Olive Grove of Amphissa holds a dominant position. The modern sea hub of Itea and the gracious marine city of Galaxidi, which is like an "island on land". The Desphina plateau, Mount Parnassos, the historical Gravia and Kallieis of the primal mountainous inland.

Whatever your thoughts may be, it is worth discovering the true Heart of Greece. Here, in Delphi, at the Center of the World.

Municipality of Delphi

Destination | Municipality of Delphi

The Municipality of Delphi is the tenth largest Municipality in Greece. It comprises of the following eight large units: Delphi, Amphissa, Itea, Galaxidi, Desphina, Gravia,Parnassos and Kallieis.

It is a land blessed by nature and can offer its visitor unique experiences and thrills.

A historical land best known for its world heritage monument, the world famous ancient sacred site of Delphi, which is the most favorite and offers unforgettable experiences for people visiting Greece.

An enjoyable experience for nature lovers in a majestic setting where Mediterranean nature meets seas, flat lands, plateaus, rock-climbing paths, alpine landscapes, and spectacular snow-covered mountaintops.

A land of tradition and creation that is lost in the depths of Greek history. The land of democracy, but also a world-renowned maritime power.

A land where one can enjoy the gifts of Mediterranean land and livestock products. Olives, oil, cheese, meat, yogurt, rusks, honey, herbs & greens, fish, fruit, and tea form the Mediterranean diet food pyramid on their own, continuing with the world's best model of a healthy diet.

A land of activity and exercise in Greece's most beautiful paths, snow-covered mountain tops, ancient national parks, spectacular cliff faces, clean and playful seas, natural plateaus and dirt tracks.

A land of true Greek hospitality, which invites you to discover it with enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and good spirit. A land that will not be easy to forget.


Destination | Delphi

One of the most imposing places of the world, the "Navel of the World" according to ancient Greeks. Just two hours from Athens, it is the natural "gateway" to the Municipality of Delphi and a favorite tourist destination. A World Heritage Monument according to UNESCO with the archeological site leaving an unforgettable experience in Greece (according to a survey by the Greek National Tourism Organization - NGTO).

Mythology and history meet at a stunning geophysical landscape that leaves the visitor breathless and floods him with positive energy. With a large hospitality, dining & modern shopping network, an extensive network of ancient and modern paths and located between mountain and sea, it constitutes the ideal base for discovering the splendid Delphic land.

In ancient times, Delphi was the most important pan-Hellenic oracle. It was listed among the 100 most sacred sites in the world. In the past, kings, mortals, politicians, and generals would flock here for a favorable oracle from god Apollo. The Oracle of Delphi has indelibly marked Greek and international history. Its first settlement dates back to the Mycenaean period (14th-11th century B.C.) and was the seat of the Delphic Amphictyony (6th century B.C.). The Sanctuary reached its peak of glory around the 4th century B.C - 4th century A.D. with the Pythian Games constituting their point of reference. The 1882 excavations brought to light the ruins of the sacred site. From 1883, the settlement is transferred 300m to the west, the current location of modern day Delphi.


Delphic Landscape - Archeological Sites of Delphi - Hosios Loukas Balcony/Pavilion - Municipal Museum of Angelos and Eva Sikelianos - European Culture Center of Delphi - Open-Air Sculpture Park of the European Culture Center of Delphi (ECCD)- funerary complex of Meleager - "Delphic Light" - Observatory - Aghios Nikolaos - Monastery of Prophet Elias - Korykio Antro - Ag. Georgios Plateau

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Destination | Amfissa

Also known as "Salona". The historical town, which is currently the capital of the Municipality of Delphi. is located a mere 20 minutes from Delphi at the foothills of Mount Giona, beneath the legendary Castle of Salona. Over the centuries, it encountered conquerors and revolutionists that not only determined the fate of the city, as well as the wider region.

It had the honor of being the global olive production hub with the famous olive grove that dominates in the open horizon. A place of tradition that brought unique occupations from the Greek countryside, such as tanners, rope makers, and bell makers to light; occupations that still exist, but are scarce. Particularly in the awarded area of Harmaina (European excellence award "EDEN 2011").

The beautiful manors and the fragrance-filled courtyards take you back to yesteryear.


Archeological Museum of Amphissa - Harmaina - Castle of Salona - Tsipouradika - Giali Kafene - Palia Solonitika - Archontika - Papalouka Art Gallery - Church of Sotiros - Forest village "Kapsitsa" - Eleonas/Topolia - Aghia Efthymia

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Destination | Itea

The historical tree (the willow - Itia) gave its name to the seaside town of Itea. The connection with the sea and an ancient or modern port always linked the town with the trade. Along with neighboring Kirra, they share strong historical moments since they were always the natural escape to sea. This was where ships arrived when the final destination was the Delphic Oracle.

Today, Itea is a modern town, where you can enjoy your swim at beaches bearing the blue flag, stroll along its splendid esplanade, enjoy the beauty that the water element offers the senses and if you are present during an open festival, slip into the mood, and relax.


Itea Esplanade - Kirra Ship Shelters - Ag. Anargyri Parklands

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Destination | Galaxidi

Once a leading world maritime power, Galaxidi is imperiously and graciously still the famous "island of the land". The feeling that you are on an island is so strong that you refuse to believe that you are on land.

The stories of the Galaxidi ships traveling to America, the manors, alleys and monuments of the seafarers, the ports, which would bid them farewell and other times yearn for their arrival are all at Galaxidi, a vibrant setting waiting for you to live the experience.

Whatever was unable fit in the setting can be found in the Maritime Museum of Galaxidi with the best maritime, philatelic and art collections in Greece. Take a swim in the organized or isolated inlets and enjoy the seafood and local delicacies, traditionally, romantically or however your heart desires.


Traditional alleys - Maritime Museum of Galaxidi - Monument of the Sailor's Wife - Galaxidi Manors - Church of Aghios Nikolaos - Peri-urban Parkland - Galaxidi Girls' School - Mylos - Cedar Tree Forest of Vounichora - Estia Ag. Nikolaos - Panagia Galaxa

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Destination | Desphina

The lady of the plateau has well-kept secrets. It has balcony view of the imposing Mount Parnassos and only a couple steps away to the south, it has a bird's eye view of the laced coastlines. History has not made any exceptions here. It has given the land intense memories that still exist today.

The rich rural & farming tradition is converted to a true culinary pleasure, which you must experience. Regardless of whether it is called sheep on the spit, feta cheese, fried bread with syrup, homemade sweets, or fresh milk with locally made rusks. Both the body and soul can find enjoyment either at the impressive nature paths, well-known or unknown crystal clear beaches, or in the search for religious devoutness at the Monastery of Prodromos to the cells of immensity at the cape of Makrynikola.


Museum of Bishop Isaiah - Monastery of Prodromos (old & new) - Makrynikolas

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Destination |Gravia

The land that is well known for the historical "Battle of Gravia Inn". The present day monument stands to commemorate one of the greatest battles fought during the Greek War of Independence on May 8, 1821.

At the time, Odysseus Androutsos along with other leaders and 120 men had barricaded themselves inside the Inn and after fighting a tough battle, they managed to stop the Ottoman army from proceeding onto Salona (Amphissa) and the Peloponnese in order to suppress the Revolution.

Its monuments depict the prehistoric Doric Tetrapolis, the metropolis of all the Dorians. Today, Gravia is a key crossroad and passage between Mt. Parnassos and Mt. Giona. Perched on these slopes you will find many picturesque and verdant villages, where you will be able to feel the sounds of the forest, such as the homonymous summer musical festival held at Kaloskopi.


Gravia Inn - War Cemetery of Gravia - Vargiani - Kaloskopi - Kastellia - Oiti

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Destination |Parnassos

This legendary mountain gave its name to the northeastern region of the Delphic land. The region of the Parnassos National Park, the largest ski center in Greece, the fir-covered slopes and the legends of Pan, the region of Polydrosso with the Kifissos springs, the grape vines and its internationally-renowned paths, the warm village of Eptalofos (Agoriani) and its waterfalls, the unfathomable flora of a unique ecosystem.

Polydrosso, as it is rightfully named, offers the unique sensation of touching nature and experiencing the absolute harmony of life. It is also the main northern "gateway" to the Mt. Parnassos ski runs for the avid skiers. Taste the "inviting" traditional flavors such as cheeses, meat and exceptional local wine.


Parnassos Ski Center - Parnassos National Park - Agoriani - Eptastomos - Polydrosso - Aghia Eleousa - Acropolis of Lilea

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Destination | Kallieis

The land of hidden legends and primal history discloses its beauties only to its visitors. It changed Hercules' destiny and gave birth to Athanasios Diakos, one of the greatest heroes of the Greek Revolution. At the Mt. Vardousia and Mt. Oiti cliffs, gorges, faces and small pristine valleys, nature sets its own scene, enrapturing the senses and leaving you breathless.

A morning awakening in Kallieis alone is able to make you fall in love with Greek nature with all your soul. If you wish to quench your thirst from the waters of the snow-covered mountain tops or lie in the thick grass with wild orchids, we won't stand in your way. Besides, these experiences will follow you for a lifetime.


Museum of Athanasios Diakos - Stromi cave - The "pournara (holly oak tree) of Kastriotissa" - The Plane tree of Mavrolithari" - The Mt. Oiti balconies - Pyra tou Irakleous

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